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You’re tired of seeing the same old shit all over Instagram. You’re ready to ditch the trends and find something that actually works.

You’re the type to keep your industry on its toes (or at least you would be if you could figure out how to get all your thoughts together.

You’re constantly trying to cut through the bullshit in your industry but feel like you’re being drowned out by everyone else’s fluff.

You’re spending more time acting like a project manager than the CEO you are.

Sweet Daddy Designs is the studio for people like you—who are on the cusp of something even greater and just need that final push over the line.

We work with the underdogs, the hustlers, and the people who laugh at "impossible."
We help successful CEOs own what makes them unique - then we build a brand around it.

In short, we shake shit up. 
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"I loved her approach (and her edge)… I thought she would totally get my brand’s vibe and… SHE DID."

Stephanie Gilbert - The Social Media CEO

Meet the Boss, Melissa.

Owner, brand strategist, and resident rebel child.

I’m a firm believer that strategy is the missing piece that brands need to go from good to great. I started Sweet Daddy Designs to work with brands who want to push the envelope, know what they need to take their brand to the limits, and won’t shy away from doing something a little reckless in pursuit of greatness.

I’m drawn to clients who embrace their rebellious side (we all have one, trust). I like to think that goes back to when I got kicked out of my first design program…for being too creative.

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