Social Superlatives

Brand Identity, Website Design

"The Social Media CEO helps social media service providers start, systemize and scale their businesses. The Social Superlatives Certification program will help these service providers become skilled as experts in a handful of core competencies. This will allow them to feel confident as social media strategists and be paid like experts (versus working with clients who don't value their ability to get real results)."
- Stephanie, Founder

The Problem

Stephanie, the founder of The Social Media CEO, wanted to create a signature certification course that helped social media managers become confident strategists. 

She was confident in her program but needed help expressing her message and thoughts in a creative way to reach her target audience.

The Solution

We created a 60s inspired brand that paid homage to old school academics. We also created a landing page that educated her target audience on the importance of strategy while selling them on the benefit of the Social Superlatives course. 


Work With Us

Create a brand in a league of its own. 
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