BLK Rose Candle

Brand Strategy & Identity

BLK Rose Candle creates premium candles that share Black stories, Black history, Black culture, and most of all Black Excellence.

Positioning Statement

For candle lovers searching for a socially conscious brand willing to go the distance - BLK Rose Candle provides customers with premium everyday candles that fill roomy spaces with long lasting memorable scents.

Brand Purpose, Audience Persona, Competitor Audit, Positioning Strategy, Brand Persona, Core Message, Brand Story Framework

What We Do

We create premium hand crafted candles that celebrate Black excellence.

How We Do It

We’re a Black owned candle company that’s focused on changing the status quo. We share Black history, invest in Black education, and hope to build a curious community.

Why We Care

We believe in celebrating and representing a culture and history that has often been forgotten and overlooked.

Work With Us

Create a brand in a league of its own. 
Don’t follow the trends. Set them.

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