Sweet Potato Social

Strategy, Brand Identity, Website Design

Sweet Potato Social was born after founder Taylor Stonack lost her job during the pandemic. Instead of looking for a replacement 9 to 5, Taylor’s family, friends, and even past boss encouraged her to create her own social media agency, thus SPS was born. 

Sweet Potato Social is a social media agency that helps unexpected brands create social media strategies that work for them, not against them.

The Problem

Since Sweet Potato Social was less than a year in business, Taylor wanted to work with a design studio that could analyze her business as a whole, develop a strategy, and create a consistent message for her target audience. 

The Solution

We worked through a strategy intensive to get a clear understanding of the brand’s positioning, personality, and messaging. 

We developed a funky yet down to earth brand that encompassed Taylor’s personalty and pulled from her audience’s need to create something vibrant and different. On top of that, we also created a website that combined the strategy and visuals to enhance her user’s overall experience.

"I really enjoyed how deep our intake meetings got. They were so thorough and made me think about my business in a way I hadn't before. You took my words and thoughts and turned them into life. My website feels like you can know me fully."


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Create a brand in a league of its own. 
Don’t follow the trends. Set them.

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