Sweet Potato Social Case Study

Sweet Potato Social is a social media agency that helps unexpected brands create social media strategies that work for them, not against them. Taylor came to us shortly after starting her business because she wanted to work with a design studio that could analyze her brand as a whole. After working through her brand’s strategy and uncovering her positioning, we created a visual identity and website that pushed her brand forward. Here’s how we did it.

The Strategy

Before we jumped into the strategy intensive, I sent Taylor some homework so I could get a better understanding of her current brand, pain points, competitors, and future goals.

Strategy Intensive Call with Sweet Daddy Designs
Strategy Intensive Call with Sweet Daddy Designs

During the 2-hour strategy call, I took some of the things Taylor said throughout her questionnaire and made her dig deeper into her answers. This included analyzing the purpose of the brand, the problem her target audience had, and the solution she could give them. We also looked at her competitors, analyzed the gaps in her industry, and created a positioning strategy with messaging tactics she could utilize.

Notion Competitor Audit
Notion Competitor Audit

After the strategy call, I took a couple of weeks to do further research and analysis on her industry, competitors, and audience and found a couple of gems along the way:

  1. Taylor focuses more on the strategy and process of social media marketing whereas her competitors primarily focus on the deliverables.
  2. The brand’s fun personality & uplifting messaging attracts the clients she wants while also teaching them how she does business.
  3. The desired outcome her clients want is time freedom to work on the stuff they’re actually passionate about.
Strategy Intensive Gude
Strategy Intensive Gude

The Visuals


After the strategy intensive was completed, I took our findings and started to develop the creative direction. The first phase was the brand mood boards. I offered 2 different directions, the first was modern and warm, while the other was wild and colorful. We ended up going in a direction that utilized a mixture of both boards. Something warm and wild.

The Brand Identity

When I get into branding for a client I always start with sketching, whether that be on my iPad in Adobe Fresco or on notebook paper. One thing is for sure, it is always messy and never looks good haha. These sketches are mostly used for rough ideas of the direction I want to go in.

Sweet Potato Social Brand Sketches on Adobe Fresco

After I sketched my ideas I threw some of them in illustrator to start finalizing my thoughts, clean up illustrations, and source fonts I think might fit the brand. I loved the peace sign and disco ball the most so those became the main icons for the brand.

The branding process

Here’s a look at the finalized brand:

Sweet Potato Social Branding
Sweet Potato Social Branding

The Website

The goal of the website was to create an information hub for Sweet Potato Social’s potential clients. We wanted to strategically develop a website that layered information on top of each other with each page view without overwhelming the visitor. We started the design process with the wireframe. A wireframe is a design of the website before it actually gets developed on Showit. This is what I send my clients for approval of the site.

Showit Website Mockup

Here’s a screenshot of the finalized website. You can also view the completed site here.

Sweet Potato Social Website

“I really enjoyed how deep our intake meetings got. They were so thorough and made me think about my business in a way I hadn’t before. You took my words and thoughts and turned them into life. I learned that it’s more than a website and so much time and effort goes into every step. I’m not a web expert so by handing this process off to a pro, I was able to focus on my business and not worry. My website feels like you can know me fully.”

Taylor Stonack, Founder of Sweet Potato Social

And that’s a wrap on the Sweet Potato Social Brand. I hope you enjoyed reading through the process. If you’re looking to update your strategy, brand, or website design please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form to schedule a discovery call.