The 4 Steps to Goal Setting for Strategic Solutions

Goal Setting can be as easy as you want it to be. The goal at Sweet Daddy Designs has always been to create disruptive brands for my clients that are rooted in strategy. I’ve always been able to set strategic goals because I know the why behind my brand and what keeps me motivated to see the finish line.

But after numerous discovery calls with potential clients I’ve found that a lot of my clients don’t really know what their concrete goals are. Most people don’t know why they want new branding or why they need a new website.
I’ve gotten a lot of “I want things to look better” or “It’s time to upgrade and expand”. Yeah, I hear you, but that’s not getting to the WHY of it all (the meat & potatoes, if you will).

For example, right now I’m updating my website (again). Want to know why it’s happening? I want my website to be simpler. But the meat & potatoes of it is, I want my website to be more strategic in where people navigate to and from, what people see first, and their next steps. This is mainly because I plan on adding a shop later on and want to easily direct people to it.

I’ve gotten really good at creating my goals, and understanding the why behind each decision I make in my business. It didn’t happen overnight though, I’ve had a lot of practice in developing strategic goals and tactics to offer solutions (mainly from the brand strategies I’ve worked on). And I want you to be able to goal set for strategic solutions too.

The 4 steps to goal setting for strategic solutions. Black chair in white room.

How to Strategically Set Goals: 

  • Know The Problem
  • Know Your Why  
  • Know Your Goal
  • Know How You’re Going To Do It (Tactics)

Know The Problem

Before you know why you want to rebrand or redesign your website you need to understand what your problem is. For me, my problem is that my website didn’t seem strategic enough. Even though I just did a complete website overhaul in January, I still notice some improvements that can happen. Especially since I’ve been analyzing my website traffic over the last couple of months.

Know Your Why

Next, you should know and understand why you need these improvements. This is really important if you want to work with a branding strategist. It’s easier for us to do our work if you know why you need the facelift in the first place. I need a strategic website upgrade because I want to open a shop. Not only that but I want people on my services page to know that I also offer other resources for them that aren’t as expensive as my 1 on 1 branding service.

Know Your Goal

Goal setting is a really big thing in the branding and design industry. To create a brand identity or website design you need to be specific and strategic on your desired outcome. The best goals can be measured to ensure you actually reach them, keep this in mind when you’re setting goals. Here are 2 examples of how I could goal set for my website:

Generic Goal: I want to sell brand strategy workbooks for business owners.

Measurable Goal: I plan to direct at least 50% of my website traffic to the SDD shop page, and convert at least 10% of those who land on the shop page into customers.

See the difference? The second goal is more specific than the first and offers measurable specifics that I can work towards reaching.

Know How You’re Going To Do It (Tactics) 

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty stuff. Planning out your tactics is how you pull everything together. Tactics are just like short-term strategies to fulfill your long-term goal. You can have as many or as few tactics as you need to fulfill your overall goal but I usually like to stick with 3, unless it is a long-term goal where I would add more tactics to help the overall goal succeed successfully. It usually looks like this: 

Tactic 1: Redesign the Sweet Daddy Designs’ website to incorporate a shop.

Tactic 2: Include Call To Actions on both the homepage and services page to redirect people to shop.

Tactic 3: Create blog posts using strategic keywords to boost SEO for the shop page. 

These are just some of the tactics I will take to drive sales towards my shop page. 

If you’re looking to create better goals for strategic solutions for your branding, strategy, or website. Download my FREE goal-setting worksheet!