How To Create A Target Audience Persona

Want to understand your target audience? Create a target audience persona.

Want to book more calls? Create a target audience persona. 

Want to create more sales? Create a target audience persona.

You get the drift. Creating a persona helps you connect with your target audience, book more leads, and generate more sales because you will finally know what they want, how they want it, and why it’s so appealing to them.

What Is A Target Audience Persona? 

A target audience persona is a business strategy tool that allows you to analyze who your audience is, what they value, and how they buy. Knowing how to connect with your ideal audience is important if you want to sell your services or products.

How Do You Build A Target Audience Persona?

  1. Background & Demographic: What is their age, gender, occupation, education level & income level. Where do they live or spend the majority of their time?
  2. Identifiers: Do they have specific traits or ideals you look for?
  3. Goals & Challenges: What do they wish to achieve and what are some of their challenges along the way?
  4. Values & Interests: What do they value in life and what interests them? Do they value family time or take interest in the outdoors?
  5. Buying Habits: This is a big one, how do they buy? Do your customers like buying in person vs online? On their Computer vs Phone?
Target Audience Persona

A Day In The Life 

After you’ve done all of your research I suggest plugging it all into a “Day in the Life” that lists out all of your insights in a more tangible way. Here’s an example of a “Day in the Life” for a photography business that markets too busy moms.

Sarah is a 28-year-old wife and mom of two that lives in a suburb of a large city. She has a degree in business and works as a real estate agent making $55,000 a year. Sarah has a busy life juggling her family, work, and hobbies, but loves taking time to enjoy her kid’s childhood. One of Sarah’s goals is to create an album to look back on when her kids are older but fears that she doesn’t have enough time in the day. She knows this is something she wants to invest in but thinks it would be too time-consuming to get her kids and husband coordinated. She also thinks she could do the same thing on her cellphone. Sarah spends a lot of time on Instagram, Facebook, and mom groups and usually gets opinions from social media before turning to a search engine.

What does your target audience look like to you?