How to Grow Your Brand Right Now

While some businesses are slowing down, others are taking time to ramp up their online presence. If you don’t know how to grow your brand right now, here are some ideas.

How to grow your brand right now


Work on your message to discover how you want to talk to your audience and where you want to primarily be seen. Putting thought behind the way you communicate with your audience is important to establish your brand’s tone. Is your brand sophisticated, relaxed, or trendy?

Where you communicate is just as important. Do you connect with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin? Each platform has a different audience type.

Target Audience

Analyze your target market by taking a deep look at who your ideal client is, how they like to obtain their information and how they buy. I have a great free worksheet on this here.

Unique Positioning

Refine how you position yourself in your market by looking at what makes you unique (fyi, saying you make a better product than your competitors isn’t really unique because they can say the same thing).

Valuable Content

Create valuable content and engage with your audience. This can mean creating blog posts, Instagram posts, IGTV videos, process videos, or behind-the-scenes information. You want to make sure your audience knows your brand and how you can help them.

Website TLC

Give your website some TLC by updating the design, copywriting, or SEO to better suit and connect with your target audience.

Mood Board

Having trouble figuring all of the above out? Whip up a mood board to make your ideas visual. I use Pinterest to gather all of my ideas.

Refine Your Services

If you’re having trouble selling, right now is the perfect time to ask your audience what they need and how you can create better services to help them.


And last but not least, ask past clients for testimonials. People will trust you more if they have a 5-star review from a past client! Now that you have all of this info what’s the first thing you’re working on to update your brand?