How To Know You’re Ready For Brand Strategy

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The decision to invest in your brand’s strategy is an important one, no matter what stage of business you’re in. It shows you’re ready to take charge of your brand instead of treating it like a side hobby or hustle.

Lots of business owners need or want brand strategy at different points in their business for different reasons. Here’s how you can determine if investing in a brand strategy session is the right move for you.

How to know you're ready for brand strategy

You bounce from idea to idea

If you have too many ideas in your head to keep straight in addition to random business notes written on misplaced notebooks all over your office, it might be time to invest in a brand strategy session. A guided brand strategy will help align your thoughts and bring clarity to the chaos.

You’re second guessing your business decisions

This could be an addition to bouncing from idea to idea. If you’re second-guessing your business decisions then you don’t have a clear path or direction on how you want to be showing up. I get it, running a business is hard. But once you have a clear path on how you should be communicating and showing up for your audience, making decisions for your brand gets a lot easier.

You’re confusing your audience

If your brand messaging isn’t straightforward and concise your audience will get really confused really fast. The goal of branding is to tell your audience exactly what you do, who you do it for, the problem you solve, and the solution you give. If you have multiple answers to these questions (or none at all) you are 9 times out of 10 confusing the people you want to work with.

You don’t have strong positioning

At the end of the day, your audience will look at your brand alongside your competitors to analyze who they feel is a better fit to help them. If you can’t easily identify what makes you different, neither can your target audience. This is one of the most important aspects you need to be clear on when it comes to your branding. In what ways can you solve your audience’s problems better than your competitors? To give you a hint: tangible or emotional deliverables are always better than superlative ones.

Does any of these pain points resonate with you? If so, I would love to help you gain clarity on your brand through our strategy workshop or consulting services.