The Quick, Fast, & Dirty Way to Work With Us: Branding Services

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Some people have months to work on their branding while others . . . don’t.

While I prefer spending months working through your strategy and visuals some clients just don’t have that kind of time. And that’s okay.

These branding services are just for you! Here’s the breakdown:

Strategy Workshop

This is a multi-day workshop dedicated to working through the ins and outs of your brand. We’ll go through explanations and exercises to uncover your brand’s foundation, audience, positioning, personality, and messaging. This will give you some much needed clarity on your brand and positioning in a week’s time. Additional research will be delivered in under a month

Timeline: 1 month

Investment: Starting at $6K


If you have a specific problem in your business but can’t invest in a full day of strategy, this is for you. Think of consulting as smaller, bite-sized, strategy sessions broken down to analyze your problem and then deliver straight-to-the-point solutions. You’ll get 2 60 minute calls with me per month, weekday voxer access to me, and a monthly action plan. This branding service is usually in 1, 3, or 6-month sessions.

Brand Express

Need branding but can’t wait months to get it done? This service was built just for you. A Brand Express is a 1-week branding process from start to finish. We’ll work on your color palette, font pairings, and main and secondary logos. It’s customized, fast, and usable within a week!

Timeline: 1 week

Investment: $2K

If you’ve ever wanted to work with me but need something on a much tighter time frame, this is your chance to get it done!

Looking through other’s branding services but don’t see one that fits your timeline and budget? Hit up Sweet Daddy Designs? Get in contact with us.